Sustainable Water Systems, in conjunction with Trunz Water Systems’ worldwide network can be your one-stop-shop for disaster and drought relief equipment. Whether you procure and manage equipment yourself or through a Sustainable Water Systems Service Agreement, we can service, maintain and train your personnel in the operation of this vital equipment. Sustainable Water Systems provides that peace of mind knowing that your equipment will always be operationally ready for deployment and you have competent personnel to operate the equipment.

The easy to operate compact equipment make for rapid and easy deployment to the most remote regions of the world. In additional the exceptional low power consumption allows for simple renewable energy power solutions, which are incorporated into the design of many of our products – Renewable energy solutions require no generators and no fuel supplies.

Trunz Water Systems mobile units range in water production from 30 to 5,000 litres per hour (8 – 1321 gph). Whether self-contained suitcases, trailer units of small 8ft shipping containers; all the units are designed specifically to operate in harsh natural environments and can be fully operational within minutes of deployment. The high quality components ensure reliability and durability of equipment. In addition the exceptional energy efficient systems allows for simple renewable energy solutions through solar and/or wind.


  • Peace of mind through service and training agreements
  • Trained and competent equipment operators
  • Cost effective disaster and drought management solution
  • Consistency of equipment
  • One point of contact
  • Cost savings through forward planning

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